Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just Say It

i sat on a chair
looking outside
wondering that you'll be there

coz every step of your feet 
make my heart beats 
150km per hour
its such a ruch

do you ever think that you will be loved
by someone like
i just wish you knew 
because i will just say it
what's on my mind

hey, you 
did you know how much i like you
every smile every sight of you 
make me just want to come near you
and be there for you every second and everyday
i'm gonna just say it
say it...

every part of you ,
how much it mean to me
the feeling is the way you
make me fall for 
for the first time we talked

so, i'm just say it
that I falling for you
Just you

this is something that I felt about someone that I've known for years.. just hoping that I'll get an answer soon .
Writing this is such a burden for me where i am trying to forget about and just move on.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Memoir of Semester 05 (2013)

okay.. dh lama x update blog, so... here we go..

for this semester 5.. there's a lot of things going on.. the people, the assignments, surrounding and bunch of it.!!

first, this semester, we went to Academic Trip to Jelebu!! in Negeri Sembilan. it was an adventure where it suits the theme which is the ArtVenture!

next, we also have lots of assignments this semester especially MINOR!! it was so hectic for me and my friends. I mean Minor? it only a minor! but ... not only that, the subject is killing us!!

this semester... what i can say is the time flies so fast.... i just cant catch up with it.

you know.. i just hope that I can maintain my CGPA for this semester.  Insyaallah.

Friday, November 8, 2013


lately i've been thinking that whether having a feeling for a person is the thing that will make people happy or not?

in this dilemma, it is such a nuisance. I am crushed right now.

Liking someone for quite a long time and not having a respong from that person makes me thinking that maybe I'm the only one who having a crush.

And yes. He Knew. My feelings for him is not a secret any more. He already knew it for quite a time. maybe it is an unrequited love.

I just don't understand why it is hard for him to tell me what he is thinking about me. He knew that I liked him and yet he has nothing to say to me. What's the problem, dude?

This situation makes me confused. Do you like me or not? I can deal with that, ok.

I think I can take any rejection. Well, we can have any choice right?

Well, we still can be friends right?

Recently, I've been thinking that I should move on and just focus on other things but he will be always right in front me. How can I forget about him when he is around me... haishhhhh... SUCKS...

yeah. That's it. And Know i'm officially crushed.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


its finalsssssssssssss!!

ahhhh... SUCKS!!

now, have to get busy for final assesment, MAJOR AND MINOR!!

well, the Major are done, now waiting for minor... :)

Hopefully everything's goes well and Goodluck to all... hehehe

xsbr nak balit KUCHING!!!

Research Methodology MENYEKSAKAN!!!!!!!!!

okayy.. what the hell!!

subject sem 4 tok apalah.. rasa dh x sanggup dh carry on agik!! Jaklah tmbh lecturer ctok nang hampeh.. mcm x consider students.. malas ku nak mdh agik..

semua mok knk KIPAS!! mun x, kita tok x di lalek nya agik..

ada cgek subject tok S*** lah.. aiyooo.. Lecturer nya jaklah nang jenis x tauk bahasa eh biak ada keja lain.. mcm nya sorag jak lect kat ctok.. hmmm..

ariya mdh final hantar last week.. kak ya mdh awak kena buat lagi lah.. x betol lah.. sedangkan nya pun berik ayat ya... WTH lah... kau nganok kau pun kali nak..

Jaklah nak cuti sem.. x tenteram nak cuti oleh nya.. Hopefully klk x jumpa nya agik..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Having Fun in Kuching (For 3 Days only)

recently, i just got back from my sem break.. and yes.. another sem break.. quite amazing huh?? hahahahhaha

anyway, my mom bought me a ticket to go back to Kuching and yeah.. its been a great few days for me to hang out with my family... hehehehhee..

for that 3 days, im too busy for myself.... but for one thing... FAST 6 was on the list.... CHECKED!

hahahaha.. it was awesome... weeeee... got to watch it with my siblings... hahahhaa...

Thursday, April 11, 2013