Sunday, December 26, 2010


Yo! I'm kind a new to this thing but i will try to handle it nicely...Actually this is a first time for me to express my feelings with words but i don't think it will be problem. I'm 19 now and actually, i don't know whether i'm ready for this kind of thing because i'm still want to have to have fun especially with my girls...miss them very much!! Time pass by so quickly, yeah!! Now, i'm gonna appreciate my moments with everyone around me when i'm still young....
Currently, i'm studying at UiTM Samarahan, Sarawak. Now i'm in semester 4, taking Diploma in Fine Arts. Before this, i never think that i will taking be that course because i don't think i will fit in it but eventually i was wrong about that.( actually, it was my last option) It was kind of fun learning new things especially in Arts. It makes me realize maybe something different maybe turns to something goods.