Friday, February 4, 2011


On 29th Jan, the holiday are starting for 1 week..but i know it will not be a good holiday as many assignments are given for the holidays..When i find out about the assignments, i quite positive that i will not have enough sleep and rest..Although the Chinese New Year are coming, it didn't seem it will be a great things to celebrate with all the assignments beside me...I wish that i can have a great holiday as it is my mid semester holiday and there will no other holidays except there were some magical moments...ehehehe..u know what i mean...:P

My assignments..i think there are about 14 sketches and 3 watercolour project need to be done in a week. i'm thinking whether i could finish in time because of the details that i have to put in the not easy as it was seem because it needs a lot of techniques and effort for it..hmm.. this is what i had to be strong because it is something that i like to although it is too difficult to me...Well, i have to stand on my feet and have a courage to be great in this path..hope it will be something that i can worship for my success in the future..:P