Wednesday, October 26, 2011


well, today i went to Boulevard Kuching with my auntie and cousin, brother n sisters...we were having snacks at Kenny Rogers..anyway, when the order was arrived on the table..this young lady has very bad attitude where she gave our food by placing the food really harsh!! its very unappropriated...i really hate people that kind of people..but..i really like the food..yummy..yummy..hahahaha...everyone should have their own manner in treating people..i hope she will learn about her attitude soon...huhuhu

Sunday, October 23, 2011


this week was full of unwanted disease... really can't stand it...first, i got my flu..second..fever..then cough....wahhhh!! when will this going to end....i barely can't to anything because of this thing....i hope it will go away soon...i think I've eaten all kind of medicines but it still not going away..i don't know what to do.. maybe going to hospital will solve all the problems..but i can;t go there because i'm going somewhere far from kuching...hahaha..can't wait..but i hope this thing will go away before the day comes...ehehehe..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Malas Time.. was full of "malas" disease..i didn't open my FB neither my!! When i opened it was full of notification and updates...huhuhuh..anyway..yesterday, i also went to DAyanG SalHah, Kek Lapis Store at was full of kek lapis..whoa..then we went for keropok lekor explorace..i can't bilieve it that the r none of the people sell it here..maybe next time..:)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my homemade carbonara..yummy!!

this is what i've made during the holidays..hehe..i think my cooking is getting better, i guess...maybe next year i can enter Masterchef malaysia...Hahahahahaha..hahahahah..

Cuti Semester bermula...

woaahh..cuti semester sudah bermula!!! actually dh start couple weeks ago tp x sempat nak update blog...haahah..dlm erti kata lain, MALAS!..hahah..anyway, cuti tok adalah juak polah research ckit2..pake nambah ilmu katanya tek..hehehe..pa2 lah..cuti tok juak time makan2, berat bdn bertambah gik nampaknya..hahaha..time tok juak time mok cuba resepi baru..dan mengotorkan gik...asal dapat makan..yum2...haha..da gmbr mknan ya tp blm sempat nak upload..coming soon!!!!!!