Monday, December 31, 2012

our CRAZY time!!

this is what we do when we have nothing to do!


goodbye 2012! and Hello 2013!


its 2013 now!!
i just can't believe that time flies so fast...
i have so many memories on those years...
it was one of my best year as i graduated 2 months ago and i'm a diploma holder in Diploma in fine arts...
it gives me a lot of memories with all my friends as i met new friends and family...
this year i will be having a new cousin soon... maybe in march... and it is a boy...
weee..... can't wait...

in this year of 2013,
i wish that i will have my success in my studies and happiness in my life...
i can't expected much in this new year as i don't know what will happen in the future...
we just have to wait... :)

lastly, i just want to wish everyone here..


XOXO -niesa jet

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My 2nd Song...


Looking through the window
I can see the green fields
And white clouds
Searching for the sun as the rain drops
Little by little
Like a tiny teardrops

This feels like having a dream of you
Together, making memories
Into my imaginations
As i thinking of you
Remember you,you

Counting the days
That i will bump into you
Just want to see your pure eyes and your smile
Feeling nervous
When i can see u from the corner of the road
your steps making me hard to breathe
as i stand in front of you

We've met
and i try to say hi, and u smiled back at me
And i turned with a yay,
Everyday i just thinking of you
and i remember you
remember you

MINOR TRIP 12.12.12

okay...hari tu, pada hari bersejarah iaitu 12.12.12..geng2 minor kiteorg pergi trip kat area kuala selangor je...
kiteorg pergi ke Meru sampailah Ijok..tak taulah kat mane tu.. hahahahaa
 Anyway, yang paling vogue nye kiteorg dr pukul 10 pagi sampai pukul 12am barulah balik ke uitm...

waaaaaaaaaaa.... memang hebatlah kan..hahahaha...

kiteorg pergi ke kilang pottery sebab kiteorg kan belaja Ceramic Material Studies this,, memang tu lah kerja kiteorg time hari tu..huhuhuhuhu

Monday, December 10, 2012

trip to Terengganu..:)

on the 28th-30th November 2012..
our group AD2283A having a academic trip to Terengganu..
This is our first field trip together since becoming a degree student!.:)

our journey is not that great because we having some problem on our way which is our bus broke down at Pahang and it tooks 3 hours to settle everything..
the 6 hours journey become a 12 hours journey, can u imagine that??
well, it was an interesting bus ride for me...hahahah.. thank you pak cik driver..hehehe...

This are some of our memories there..

my 21st birthday!!

hey, its 5th november!!
and u know what??????????



now, i'm officially 21 and well, it sound old and kind of an adult right now..hehehee..

anyway, thank god, nothing is happened to me on this dayyy...

but, i just wish that i'm in Kuching so that, i can celebrate this great bday with my families and friendss..

my first song...

i met this guy on my way back after finish class then bang!!!
after 5 minutes, my first song was published....
thanks to all my friends- Flo-Yus-Ivy-


Walking on the street,
with my best friends,
Suddenly my heart stops a beat,
Looking at a boy
Who shine like a star,
White as pearl,
with a sweet smile as candy.

Looking at you,
Walks towards me,
And I just can
see your eyes look at mine.

Smell of your perfume,
makes my heart beating so fast
It just melt me into my dreams, oohhh...

c/o: And I feel yeay, yeay, yeay,
Its so good,
having This kind of thing
That makes me wanna say you,you,you and you
and I just want you, oohhh...

Try to speak,
Hi and a bye,
Its just so difficult to make a word
U make me fly to my fantasy dream, yeay
That I don't want to leave
Just be here and I'll say
I want you
with me

i like you
it's you...
it's you...
i miss you...