Friday, January 13, 2012

starting a new semester as a final year student..

for the 1st time, i've experienced as a first batch of final year student..i know it will be getting really hard than before...on 21 November, we start our classes as usual and got a new lecturer...She's preeeeettyyy and her...anyway, we've been brief with some "ceramah" by our lecturer about being a final yearr student..they said we should stand on our own feet and become more serious...tHat is sO nOT Us...hahaha...its really is...huhu...i don't know hoe we managed get through all the semesters before...well, that's a first step to become STRESS as ALWAYS..that's a credit for being a ART StuDent!!

Project Mural at Bintangor, Sarawak..

28-30 Oktober ya tek kmk pergi ke Bintangor ngan cdak AD students and degree students...ada project mural kat cya, molah pintu gerbang untuk kampung kat cya..yg best nya kmkorg jd anak angkat family kat cya..huhuhu..dh ada keluarga angkat dah kmkorg...cdak cya pun friendly gilak2..selalu nolong kmkorg...huhu..especially FOOOOOODDDDD!!..memang kenyang lah..hahaha..nang best..huhuhu...mok pegi agik klk...this chance is one in a lifetime....:)
lamak benar x update blog..huhuhu..sampe dah dtg dh thn baru tok..hahaha..nang dh lamak bunyi nya tek..hahaha..anyway..this is just introduction...staaarrrtttt dari last post yg dulu...i will post some of the interesting that happens to me..huhuh.....:P