Monday, August 6, 2012


Its been a month i didn't gave a look at my blog....
its such a pity that i do not have time to write on my blog..
there's a lot of thing that i want to express in here but one thing for sure, i really miss all my friends, uitm gangs and more...

Seriously...!! Rindu giler ngan cdak geng2 lain...cuti tok after habis pameran riya nang xda masa nak lepak sama agik...rasa xda life agik eh...

I really really miss them..!!!

rindu ngan use and min..♥

rindu ngan geng Fine Art 1st batch!!

Tapi nak ada gik yg paling kmk rindu my geng lepak studio!
hahahhaah.....time tok nang rindu giler ngan cdak...nak poret2...hhehehehe..mun x, lepak studio sampe pagi!!

my little sis yg Loba!!

si Adi yg nakal!!