Monday, September 17, 2012

first week sebagai budak degree

okayyy... first time pegi uitm shah alam and first experience sbg bdk degree...
yerrr...hahahha..actually it was not so bad but i"m still can"t adapt to the surrounding here..

As a fine art 1st batch from uitm sarawak, i"m very proud to call myself as a Fine art students because they are looking at us in a higher expectation..which is good!

Ivy, yus, rico, ekin, joe, ehlid, flo, amin and kmk jak yg continue to degree...
masing2 ambik major yg berlainan..

Ivy, flo and rico-printmaking
joe and amin-sculture
yus and ehlid-painting
me and ekin-ceramics

hehehehhe...walaupun lain2, tp kmkorg tetap geng uitm swk, nex, mala jak knk aim..hahahhaa.. first batch tek bah...hahahhahaha...

kmkorg pun ada di embak g trip ke Balai Seni Visual Negara utk dgr talk...(boring)...hehehehehhee

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