Monday, December 10, 2012

my first song...

i met this guy on my way back after finish class then bang!!!
after 5 minutes, my first song was published....
thanks to all my friends- Flo-Yus-Ivy-


Walking on the street,
with my best friends,
Suddenly my heart stops a beat,
Looking at a boy
Who shine like a star,
White as pearl,
with a sweet smile as candy.

Looking at you,
Walks towards me,
And I just can
see your eyes look at mine.

Smell of your perfume,
makes my heart beating so fast
It just melt me into my dreams, oohhh...

c/o: And I feel yeay, yeay, yeay,
Its so good,
having This kind of thing
That makes me wanna say you,you,you and you
and I just want you, oohhh...

Try to speak,
Hi and a bye,
Its just so difficult to make a word
U make me fly to my fantasy dream, yeay
That I don't want to leave
Just be here and I'll say
I want you
with me

i like you
it's you...
it's you...
i miss you...

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