Monday, February 25, 2013

unexpected result!!

wow, on the 15th of Feb, the degree result was out and i am really nervous about it...
all the students are waiting for their results but i just want to wait for the next day because i don't like waiting for it...

then, the next day, i switched on my labtop and BOOM!!!

I've got Dean List..!!!

i never dreamed of this!!

Thank God.. all my hardwork that i put through this semester makes it more worth it.. :)

i just hope i can maintain it until my last semester and get the ANC... :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

cool website! check it out!

hey, guys!!
come on.. and let's check this cool website...

share with others..okayyy..:)



i had my another great experience for this new year, 2013!
i met a lot of people through an event that i've joined, although it was on last minute, it was a great one!!

okay.. nak cite ni.. hehehee..
last time, my friend ajak masuk ade satu event ni which they called "Malaysian Dance Village". It was organized by UiTM Shah Alam.. so, fikir2, join je lah.. ade sijil and experience kannn..

actually my friend asked me to be a photographer but in the end i became an audio-woman.. hahaha.. the first ever in history.. i kind of proud of myself.. hahaha..
at first, rasa macam nak tak nak, tp fikir2 lagi, mcm best je try je lahh.. hahaha..
i don't know how to describe the feelings at first but... thank god, i have my partner.. his name was Rahul..! i thought the name was unique.. but it was only a nickname nothing involved with hindi movies.. hahahhaa..

event tu start on 26th Jan-28th Jan 2013... so, sebelum tu kite org kena buat rehearsel than time tulah our work has begun..
first time jaga audio ni, remeh lah sangat... but nasib baik ada partner walaupun die ni jenis yg menggelabah.. hahahhaa.. jumpa lagi dgn abg audio yg cool sangat2.. dieorg byk tlg kiteorg ni.. mesti dieorg byk layan karenah kiteorg ni.. hahahhaa.. mcm2 lah yg terjadi time jaga audio ni... nampak senang tp payah sangat!
 p/s: kalau sape yg cepat panik, jgn ambik task ni.. tension nanti.. hehehehehe

time latihan pentas on the 24th tu, byk yg dh bg lagu kat kiteorg utk competition.. and ade jugak yg byk songeh lagi.. aiyoyoy... mcm ni tension lah kiteorg.. last2 nanti kiteorg jugak yg kenaaaa...!

so far, no problem lah, tp time pertandingan tu ade jugak yg bg problem mcm, ada satu U ni, dieorg bg byk cd, lepas tu time turn dieorg slh lagu pulak.. so, paniklah kiteorg..!! last2, thank god, kiteorg dpt handle lagi...hehehehehe... time habis tu, rase nak nangis pulak, coz mmg kite org akan kena nanti... tp nak buat mcm mane kan, benda dh jadi.. so,,, xdpt nak buat ape2 lagi...

pastu ade jugak problem dgn cd lagi.. ckp lg stuck lah.. inilah.. itulah.. tp itulah yg kiteorg kena handle kat atas tu time jaga audio.. kiteorg je tau ape kes kat situ bile semua org menuding jari kat kiteorg.. it is not an easy task to blame people for some mistakes that cannot be undone..

finally after 3 hari MDV berlangsung , kiteorg ade postmotem utk finalizekan semua kerja yg telah dijalankan.. so, semualah yg tak puas hati dh diluahkan.. well, thank you for all the support from the AJK's yg byk tlg kiteorg.. hehehee

Although it is only a few days that we've known each other, i will never forget each one of them that i met through this event.. u guys are awesome!! i love u guys and i really miss you guys...! i hope that we can hang out some day... :)

Friday, February 1, 2013


pada 15hb, kami telah menjalani our first final assesment for our major ceramic. kiteorg group plg last sekali yg buat assesment ni.., payah bebeno nak menunggu semua settle sbb yg lain dh sibuk nak cuti sem dh.....

sebelum hati assesment tu, kami berkumpul dan berbincang dgn lecturer kiteorg iaitu sir rizal yang sempoi.. hahahahaahaha.. geng org sarawak juak,,, hehehehee...
kiteorg bincang ttg display artwork, macam mane nak diplay and everything lah,,,..

just so u know, rupa-rupanya, group kiteorg adalah group yg first sekali buat project dr first step sampai step yg terakhir..... kiteorg pun x tau.. hahahaahahahha...

anyway, menjadi pelajar seramik ni, x lah susah mana, yg penting kena rajin lah, sebab akan dudok kat studio tanpa pergerakan...hahahahah...

ni gambar2 time kiteorg buat final assesment....:p