Saturday, March 30, 2013

Should I or Should Not?

For me, liking someone is a great feeling where you can giggling with youself.. hahahhaa...

this guy, hmmmm.. i started to like him when the first time we talked to each other.. i don't know how i can attracted to him and yet i never see him as i see him now.. you know what i mean? hehehehee..

but , we never know what to expect right? hehehe..
tp yang paling best, i have as a spy which is kawan baik si dia tuuuuu..

adalah yg tolong2 kannn.. hahahhaa... thats how i got a certain info bout him.. hehehe

i just realize i really like him.. my friends always told me that to tell him how i feel but it is not that easy... bukan senang okayyy!! nak ckp "i like you" ??? what???

maybe i dare to do that kind of thing but who cares?? jantung pun dh berdebar2 bila memikirkan si dia tuuuuu.. no way!!

these few days, i always bump into him.. heheh.. pakai bj yg samelah.. hahaha.. besttt!! :)
and the most important thing is, i think he know that i like him.. but dats ok! i don't really care bout it... hehehehe.. it will make my work so much easier... isn't it?

but i don't how long should i wait for his responds.. hmmmm..
well, if he likes me too then he should tell me right?

now, i don't think having a crush is a good thing bcoz for me, i feel really difficult to do where you always think what he thinks about you.. this making me so frustrated!!

i just hope he will give me some responds soonnnn!!! :)

if he still not giving some responds to me by this end of semester, i think i will start to move on and forget about him.. i think that will be a good thing to do.. right?

i dont think i could bear to keep this feeling anymore.. i dont want it to happen twice!

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