Friday, November 8, 2013


lately i've been thinking that whether having a feeling for a person is the thing that will make people happy or not?

in this dilemma, it is such a nuisance. I am crushed right now.

Liking someone for quite a long time and not having a respong from that person makes me thinking that maybe I'm the only one who having a crush.

And yes. He Knew. My feelings for him is not a secret any more. He already knew it for quite a time. maybe it is an unrequited love.

I just don't understand why it is hard for him to tell me what he is thinking about me. He knew that I liked him and yet he has nothing to say to me. What's the problem, dude?

This situation makes me confused. Do you like me or not? I can deal with that, ok.

I think I can take any rejection. Well, we can have any choice right?

Well, we still can be friends right?

Recently, I've been thinking that I should move on and just focus on other things but he will be always right in front me. How can I forget about him when he is around me... haishhhhh... SUCKS...

yeah. That's it. And Know i'm officially crushed.

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