Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just Say It

i sat on a chair
looking outside
wondering that you'll be there

coz every step of your feet 
make my heart beats 
150km per hour
its such a ruch

do you ever think that you will be loved
by someone like
i just wish you knew 
because i will just say it
what's on my mind

hey, you 
did you know how much i like you
every smile every sight of you 
make me just want to come near you
and be there for you every second and everyday
i'm gonna just say it
say it...

every part of you ,
how much it mean to me
the feeling is the way you
make me fall for 
for the first time we talked

so, i'm just say it
that I falling for you
Just you

this is something that I felt about someone that I've known for years.. just hoping that I'll get an answer soon .
Writing this is such a burden for me where i am trying to forget about and just move on.

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