Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Memoir of Semester 05 (2013)

okay.. dh lama x update blog, so... here we go..

for this semester 5.. there's a lot of things going on.. the people, the assignments, surrounding and bunch of it.!!

first, this semester, we went to Academic Trip to Jelebu!! in Negeri Sembilan. it was an adventure where it suits the theme which is the ArtVenture!

next, we also have lots of assignments this semester especially MINOR!! it was so hectic for me and my friends. I mean Minor? it only a minor! but ... not only that, the subject is killing us!!

this semester... what i can say is the time flies so fast.... i just cant catch up with it.

you know.. i just hope that I can maintain my CGPA for this semester.  Insyaallah.

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